Contest ends tonight 12am midnight! You still have a chance to participate! Good luck and thanks to everyone who has already left a comment. =]

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This is my 2nd THANK YOU GIVEAWAY! I have met and made so many awesome friends here, if you are new here, WELCOME to modgam, I’m Mag, nice to meet you! It still feels surreal that I now have so many friends here and ok, I shall stop repeating myself (hahaaa, so naggy) and if you wana read how grateful I am, click this link 2ND GIVEAWAY – This calls for a celebration!

My 1st THANK YOU GIVEAWAY was a success and I thank everyone for taking part but quite a lot of you forget to subscribe to my blog. So this is your 2nd chance to make it right. =]

I noticed the increase in my male readers therefore I have chosen something unisex so that everyone can stand a chance to win something. This contest is open to everyone internationally. =D

Presenting the THANK YOU…

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