Grin Affair – Cake in Jar (Yummy desserts)

Grin Affair

3 Everton Park


Tel: 8282 7375

There is a long queue and everyone is like buying in bulk! Say 5 jars, 7 and even 20! It must be very good, I thought to myself, and started queueing up too! The decorations in the shop is simple yet quaint. The beautiful jars are like queueing to be “decorated”. What I like better is how they encourage their customers to recycle. Each dessert comes with a ticket and if you return the jar after eating, you get another ticket. After collecting 20 tickets, you get rewarded! You get a jar of cranberries or a jar of cookies I think cos I saw a guy getting his jar of cookies with his 20 tickets. Awesome job.

I wanted to order dark chocolate, strawberry and sea salt but they are all sold out except for strawberry! I can’t wait to try mine.

strawberry custard S$5.50fresh strawberry chunks with rich custard mousse and moist vanilla cake, finished with generous strawberries! Yummyyyyy. I cannot wait to head back and try the rest of the flavours!