LuxeWomen Nails – Award Winning Nail Salon

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LuxeWomen – Award Winning Nail Salon

2 Outlets:

Ang Mo Kio: 347 AMK 3 #01-2130 S560347 Tel: 6452 1210

Yishun: 418 Yishun Ave 11 #01-413 S760418 Tel: 6755 5539

You know how much I enjoy having my nail arts done and how I feel nail art is part of the accessory for your whole outlook. BUT guess what? It’s official, my nails are going to be in good hands for they are now sponsored by Award Winning Nail Salon ‘LuxeWomen’!!!! I feel very happy and extremely honoured when the GM of LuxeWomen, Jaclyn, contacted me. She has been in the nail business for a very long time now and has won numerous awards. After talking to her and showing me the nail salon, I now have a better understanding about LuxeWomen. I feel even more assured that my nails are in good hands and that I can earnestly share this with all my readers! This is the 1st nail salon I’ve come across that emphasizes so much on the importance of nail hygiene! “Hygiene is Our Priority”, says Jaclyn.

I am very amazed by how detailed they are in making sure customers receive proper hygiene. The tools are soaked in high quality Barbicide lotion and each tool is labelled with P for Pedicure and M for Manicure. Even the basecoat and topcoat are labelled P and M for hygiene purposes. What is Barbicide lotion you asked? Barbicide has been committed for the last 60 years as the number 1 hygiene system for the professional hair and beauty industry!

Jaclyn is very creative and open to ideas and I cannot help awing away with her nail arts display. She was happy when I say Surprise Me, and started choosing colors excitedly! It’s been a long long LONG time since I am able to tell a nail artist to surprise me. I usually have to work with them as the designs they give me aren’t exactly to my liking and the ones that I fancy, I normally get excuses like “Oh, this isn’t popular anymore”, “This design and color won’t last”, “This not suitable for you” etc… If you are sick of excuses like this, LuxeWomen is the place you should visit. They are very open to ideas and accept all “challenges” with positivity. See what Jaclyn created for me on the spot while we were chatting, she chosen neon orange to match my top and drew on audio wavelengths for me for she knows I’m a music producer! HOW CREATIVE! I love my nails! THANK YOU JACLYN! I am looking forward to our next meetup already!

Gradient Colors that are so IN fashion and so many other add-ons to bling up your nails! Check out all the beautiful and cute designs.


– ANG MO KIO OUTLET AT Tel: 6452 1210

– YISHUN OUTLET AT Tel: 6755 5539

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