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Ang Mo Kio: 347 AMK 3 #01-2130 S560347 Tel: 6452 1210

Yishun: 418 Yishun Ave 11 #01-413 S760418 Tel: 6755 5539

I cannot express enough how much I enjoy nailart-talking to Jaclyn! Hahaa yes, nail talking! I am so very blessed to have such a creative and artistic lady sponsoring and working my nails with me. Hearing I am attending Nespresso 2% Party, Jaclyn suggested something candylicious. I am thrilled with the idea for I have never done anything like this before on my nails and Jaclyn sounded so excited it got my excited too! It’s been a long time since I last relax and leave my nailarts to the artist. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the surprise, I always have to draw and give specific directions on each nail. Jaclyn did all the design, the coloring coordination and made the candies, donuts, chocolate bars from scratch. It was inspiring watching her work.


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