The Nespresso 2% Party

I was invited to The Nespresso 2% Party and boy, was this the perfect way to end the week on a Friday night! I brought with me 2 awesome friends to go coffee high on TGIF! Had so much fun trying to make our own coffee, did our 1st video-turn-flipping book, free flow of Nespresso coffee along with exquisite canapés and unique coffee-alcoholic concoctions. It was an awesome coffee night filled with tons of fun and laughters.

Feeling VIP with me is my talented friend Rayson who is also the designer and founder of L’ILE AUX ASHBY. I would love to go on and on about how much I love his designs and creations but I’ll let the pictures do all the talking. I will soon be donning on his latest designs which he customized for me (YEYS).

Another VIP whom I believe many of you are familiar with is none other than Angie my bestie.

We get to experience 1st hand excitement with Flippin’ Pigs and record a 7s video which will be printed and made into a cute miniature flip book photo album! We had so much fun laughing and trying to get our actions ready.

We get to try and with the many recipes to choose from, I decided to go for Iced Cappuccino + Caramel. Rayson decided to try some hot white chocolate coffee while Bud went for hot rose flavored coffee.

All eyes on her. Very cool performance.

We cheers the night away with some unique Nespresso alcoholic concoctions.