Lactacyd V-Zone Care (feminine hygiene specialist)

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The number 1 over-the-counter feminine hygiene brand worldwide, Lactacyd is proud to be the intimate care partner at every stage of a woman’s life. I believe many of us tend to neglect caring for our V-zone and forgot how delicate it is. Lactacyd is Singapore’s first intimate wash with skin lighening benefits made with natural ingredients. Not just for the v-zone, you can also use this as a normal shower foam because of its many beneficial enhanced qualities such as moisturising, long-lasting freshness, whitening and sensitive care.

So many plus factors with Lactacyd White Intimate Wash:

– Proven visible lightening in 4 weeks!

– Made with natural ingredients!

– 9 out of 10 Asian women claims to see visible lightening results within 4weeks based on actual product use test.

– Specially formulated to provide cleansing and long lasting freshness.

For best results, use thumb size amount twice daily.

I did a little test on my palm and am surprise to see the immediate difference. My palm does look a little fairer.

Lactacyd Youth Revitalize:

Perfect for maintaining feminine health, the Lactacyd Revitalize invigorates with extra-nourishing care for your intimate zone. Its special mild formula rejuvenates by preventing dryness and loss of skin elasticity.

Proven effective in firming and moisturizing

– Made with natural ingredients!

– Enhanced formula with vitamin E and collagen

– Extra moisturizing effect

– Suitable for sensitive skin

For best results, use thumb size amount twice daily.

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I will try the DIY Oatmeal Scrub and update again. Have bad burn marks from Legoland and I really dont think its the right time to scrub those delicate skin now.


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