Laneige’s Makeup Atelier Session 2012

I heard so much about Laneige Water Bank products from many friends who swore by it and was really excited when I receive an invitation to attend Laneige’s Makeup Atelier Session at Fairmont Hotel. I have tried Laneige samples before and bought the number 1 best seller Water Sleeping Pack EX. After learning all the signature Water Bank skincare products, I am sold! I am a strong believer of keeping your skin hydrated and feeding it with the right amount of water and now I have a better knowledge of how to do so in order to achieve healthy glowing skin.

I am so grateful for this workshop for I had my skin badly dehydrated and burnt from my Legoland venture. We had to remove all our makeup and had the chance to learn the proper hydrating steps and tried various Laneige Water Bank products. I love how cooling my skin felt after all the “watering”.

Wana learn the secrets of Korean Celebrities makeup? Wana learn how to create that Korean Celebrities look? For this workshop, we have Hong Kong Laneige makeup artist Yuji, demonstrating and teaching us how to create that Korean Celebrity look! The many steps from giving your skin the proper moisturizing to dolling them up with make-ups. Mornings are war-zone for me and I bet its the same for many of you. Kudos to ladies who are able to don on full makeup everyday.

I’m gona share some great tips I’ve learnt from this workshop:

Eye shadow:

I can now confidently say I am able to do a 2 tone colored eye shadow! Thanks to Alicia from Laneige who is helping out at our table for sharing the tips. Start by applying a lighter color to the whole of your eyeball area. Choose a darker color and apply it to the upper half of your eyeball area. After its done, blend the rest of the area below your eyebrow with a lighter color and you are done!


I love my cheeks looking pinkish and since I have sensitive skin, its usually pinkish red on my cheeks so I don’t even have to really apply blush to it. I have been doing the smiling-apply-blush method and Yuji was sharing with us the favorite Korean natural looking method of a reverse S shape. Start from the top of your forehead to the cheeks and then down to your jaw bones.

Highlighting of face:

I rely on Benefit’s high beam for the highlight and today I’ve learnt that I can use white eyeshadow and lightly apply them to my T-zone, under the eyes area and also slightly above my cheeks.


I only bought my 1st lipstick a month ago. I am a big lover of the lip balm. Hahaaa I finally see the importance of a lipstick and how it helps enhance and brings colors to a pale face. Today I learnt how to make that lipstick last. Apply some bb cream and then cover it with the lipstick color of your choice and apply lip gloss. Cool!