Sunny Hills Gourmet Pineapple Cakes and Pineapple Juices

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Sunny Hills at Raffles Hotel

  • # 03-05 Raffles Hotel Arcade 328 North Bridge Rd., Singapore 188719
  • Tel65-85229605 Fax65-67928211
  • Tuesday to Saturday – 11am to 8pm Sunday and Monday – 11am to 6pm

How to get there: Next to the Raffles Hotel Museum on the 3rd Floor.

Make Mid-Autumn special this year and try something different and get your family and love ones a box of delicious gourmet Sunny Hills pineapple cakes. Crafted daily from fresh, sun-ripened indigenous pineapples without additives, this makes a very healthy snack. Did you know that Sunny Hills cakes is not only suitable for Ovo-Lacto vegetarians but is now Halal Certified too?

I am very very happy and honored to have the chance to meet one of the bosses, Lee, from Sunny Hills. Lee mailed me a box of pineapple cakes and after tasting them, I knew I had to meet him in person! Thank you for having me over Lee! After hearing more about Sunny Hills, I now eat my pineapple cakes with so much more love, respect and admiration. Nourished by sunshine and rich red clay, the Taiwan pineapples are grown on Ba Gua (Eight Trigram) Mountain full of nutrition and bursting with mouth-watering tangy sweetness by the local farmers! Each and every pineapple is carefully selected, hand peeled and cut before being crafted into homemade paste.

With nearly 50 years of bakehouse experience, Sunny Hills family baker wishes to share the taste put together from the most natural ingredients.

Only the freshest and finest ingredients are chosen:

  • Sunny Eggs® from the famous Sunny Eggs Taiwan farm renowned for using classical music to inspire the breeding process.
  • Gourmet baking flour from Japan
  • Pure, natural New Zealand Butter

Lee also told me the packaging of Sunny Hills are from Japan. I love how each box comes with a reusable Linen carriers. It’s nice to know they are encouraging re-usability and since linen carriers are a lot more durable, you can keep reusing them. I had a really good time at Sunny Hill. I love the lush green reception and the whole zen feel away from the bustling city. Anyone and everyone is welcome to drop over for a chat, a cup of tea or just rest your feet. Each person will be served a pineapple cake and a cup of tea, ON THE HOUSE! I find this really interesting and I asked Lee why? He said the villagers back in the village in Taiwan are very hospitable and they will boil tea and place it outside their houses so that anyone or hikers who passed by can help themselves to it. Lee continued and says “We are in the food business and you need to try before buying so why not? If you like what you taste, then you can buy from us.” A box of 10 piece pineapple cake cost S$25 and so one piece will cost S$2.50. I am embracing their generous hospitality for this is Sunny Hill way of saying hi and welcome to try our pineapple cakes.

Don’t be shy and drop by anytime you are in town and feel like resting your feet, enjoy a good book over tea and a pineapple cake, or just chill and relax with your friends… all on the house! I know being human, we tend to feel shy and might even find it hard to believe we get to eat for free. BUT ITS TRUE! No hard selling just very honest pure generosity. Buy only if you like what you eat. I am definitely bringing friends over, you should too!

I couldn’t resist and bought another box of pineapple cakes and Lee shared with me the different ways to eat it!

1. Eat it as it is right from the box – best snack ever!

2. Store the pineapple cakes in the fridge and eat it chilled – very yummy and refreshing especially on a hot day when I feel like something cold, I put them in the fridge.

3. Warm the oven for 2 mins and then toast it for 3 mins – it taste as if its freshly baked and oh so delicious!

4. Served it as dessert together with vanilla ice-cream – I make this especially for myself so I decided to have 2 pineapple cakes! Hahaaa one is just not enough!

5. Some adventurous customers shared with Lee to try eating the cake together with red wine or even milk! – l doubt I will try this anytime soon but let me know if decided to try or have any other yummy ways of eating this!

The pineapple juice is so refreshing and the after taste is so light and fresh. Thank you so much for the very delicious pineapple cakes and pineapple juice and of course, the warm hospitality Lee! I will be coming back for more and bring with me different friends to have a Sunny Hill experience!

Make This Mid-Autumn Special and because all their pineapple cakes are made fresh, it is recommended you ring them up at 8522-9605 and place your orders in advance!

Sunny Hills will ablso be at Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Fair at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2 from now till 30th September, from 10.30am to 9.30am daily!