what kinda voice attracts you?

Being a music producer gives me the chance to work and be expose to many genre of music plus I get to officially listen to music whole day at work. HAHAA speaking of perks. I am a big R&B hip hop gal since I was really young, 11-12yrs old or younger? My dad is a big fan of music and he is always playing the guitar and singing so I am very familiar with oldies and is also a fan. I enjoy all genre of music basically but not much of a lounge music person. I love mixing to world music and kid’s program, they never fail to cheer me up and bring tons of happiness to my sleepy day at work. I wouldn’t know what to do if there was no music in my life…

I listen to Mandarin oldies and pop too and there are 2 singers whom voice I really love; Victor Wong Pin Guan and Alex To! Both equally charming and have voices that really melts my heart and soothes the soul. I was really lucky to have met them both before during an interview and I still cannot forget the day it all happened. Victor was really warm and throughout the whole interview, he never once drew his eyes away and answered with so much honesty. Alex is very sexy and I have been a fan of this man since teens years and bought almost all his albums! I wished one day I will be able to see them again!

Yes that is me, he was still single and I was still slim. HAHAAAA I have been in the music line for a long time now.

I wanted this picture solo with Alex To after he finished the interview in our office but as you can tell, the promo exec didn’t allow and we had to take the shot in a group. Sorry to all my lovely colleagues, I love you but I love Alex slightly more! hahaaa