BigBang Alive Tour 2012 concert – Awesome Concert, Disappointing Crowd

I had a fabulous time at BigBang Alive Tour 2012 concert! The guys did an awesome job and I couldn’t feel happier. I cannot believe I finally get to the my guys in person, well almost. LOL They sang very well and brought the whole stadium crazy!! G-dragon is literally jumping and flying all over the place, full of energy and almost impossible to snap him. Taeyang is so high he didn’t want to leave and thank goodness for that for he kept his team members all there encho-ing quite a few songs for us! Seungri took a lucky fan’s mobile and went around the stage filming his members! TOP didn’t let his injury hinder him once and is really charming by nature!! Daesung, I LOVE his smile… the moment you see him smile, you would want to smile along! I AM IN LOVE!

What turns out really disappointing is the crowd at the free standing mosh pit area. Don’t start hating on me and read on for a clearer picture of what is going on. I am just gona say it as it is for I am among all of you. My dearest friend queued since early morning and I feel the most for her. I am very very glad she was able to get a good view despite my other friend and I got squashed and pushed real badly to the back. NO, I AM NOT PISSED BECAUSE OF THIS. If you see my picture, I was really NEAR the stage and I wasn’t expecting prim and proper, orderly manner kinda concert!! I will be more than happy to join in yell, scream and swing those light sticks with everyone BUT sadly, it was more pushing and yelling! Honestly, if everyone were to stay put on the spot we had when we walked in orderly before, we will definitely get to see our idols clear and near! Isn’t that what you paid for in the 1st place? To get a nearer upclose and personal view of your favorite idols? You probably have queued up the whole morning, glued to your computer sistic page the entire day just to get the tickets, saved up your entire month of pocket money and finally made it here at the indoor stadium so why not truly enjoy the concert together??!

People are going “1, 2, 3… push!” And you must be thinking I am kidding… NOT! Everyone was pushing left to right, front to back vice versa and screaming at one another. I am sorry but IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE FRONT, QUEUE THE NIGHT BEFORE???! I can’t possibly go anywhere even if you were to push me cos there is simply no space left! It is sad enough that we are all on the same level with the many different heights that doesn’t allow much view and this has to happen?? It is so bad you hear people screaming at one another more than you can hear the songs going on. Why can’t everyone just stay where they were at and enjoy the show together?

But then again, I would like the people in the front to know the security put up barricades so near to the people at the back that there wasn’t additional space left. I don’t understand why they had to “lock” us up in that area and not allow more space! THE SADDEST VIEW I saw was half the mosh pit area had no light sticks on, no swaying and enjoying the show! So obvious and bad that Seungri had to signal everyone to join in!?! The idols you have been waiting for months is finally here singing right infront of you and half the time, because everyone was shouting and pushing ridiculously, nobody gets to enjoy the performance fully. Our idols are probably wondering what happen to their mosh pit VIPS. I’ve been to many concerts and even when I have seats at the back, I believed I’ve enjoyed myself more for people are singing together and are really there for the music!

After the 2nd song, I was squashed with no moving space and half the time eyes clued to the monitor screen for I can see nothing and hear tons of people arguing among ourselves, screaming away. I decided to get out of this mosh pit area and who knows I might have a better view, if not definitely better area where I can at least enjoy the music! My friend was feeling nauseous so she came along with me and WE INDEED HAD GREATER FUN with full space luxury and still get a pretty good view. Don’t believe me? CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME OUT OF THE HORRID MOSH PIT PICTURES! Yes, all taken from the big luxurious space at the side away from the mosh pit! I don’t know what you are looking for in a concert but after paying S$231 and seeing how much effort my friend made in queueing, I would really at least love to be able to enjoy the music and see my idols. Go think about it and if you will like to hate this post, please at least LIKE my modgam fb page so that you can continue hating and bitch about me. THANK YOU.