Happy sweet 17th birthday NYDC

Happy sweet 17th birthday NYDC! I am very excited for I will be among the lucky 1st few to try their new menu with over 20 new dishes! Not only that, I will get to meet some really popular fashion and food bloggers! Miss Tam Chiak (misstamchiak.com), Velda Tan (belluspuera.blogspot.com) and Catherine Ling (camemberu.com). Mediacorp young stars Edwin Goh and Jayley Woo will be joining us at the event as well. What a birthday bash I thought to myself! Thank you Nuffnang for the invite!

Raspberry Tremble – A raspberry twist of the all-time favorite Lemon Shiver drink, spritely, tangy and it’s pink! It’s refreshing and not too sour. Thirst quenching!

Waldorf With a Hic! – Waldorf salad amped up with whisky. Juicy, whisky-infused grapes, roasted almond flakes and plump rasins dressed in lemon mayo with crunchy Romaine’s. I love the bitter sweet whiskey-infused grapes, brings a different twist to the taste bud!

Skinny Dip Chips! – Three’s not a crowd with this chips and dips to share. Warm tortilla chips ready to be skinny-dipped into spiced chilli beef, blue cheese and our favorite artichoke blend. My favorite is the blue cheese!

Romeo & Juliet – This baked baby is back ’cause you asked for it! Smoky crispy bacon stirred with tender sweet corn and hot herbed rice in nydc’s signature garlic mayo all topped with oozy, melted mozzarella. Its really very nice but I can’t stand garlic so its not really my favorite dish.

Picasso Pizza! – Put on your artist’s hat! Create your own pizza canvas and be the Picasso of the pizza world… Choose from Signature Garlic Mayo, Blue Cheese or Tomato base and choose 3 meat toppings or more.

Drunken Masta! – You have been warned! A feisty, chunky seafood stew of tiger prawns, dory fillet, clams and shell pasta, flamed and spiked with the heat of tequila! Another favorite dish! You can even choose the number of shots of tequila!!

Yankee’s in Town! – Go Team! Score a duo of hot sauce roasted chicken wrapped in bacon, and more bacon wrapped think garlic bratwurst sausages. With pow-wow wedges, this will get a cheer out for you! DEFINITELY my favorite dish of the night!

Berry Freeze – yes a blend of all the nice berries. lol

What’s a birthday party without a birthday cake and birthday song?

DESSERTS – Passion for Cheesecake (with passion fruit), Sourpuss on the Loose (lemon tart), P-nut Buttered Up (peanut butter included), Englishman in New York (with Earl Grey). I love the Englishman and P-nut Buttered Up!


I was lucky to be seated with Miss Tam Chiak! Together with all the lovely foodies!

Star struck with Mediacorp raising stars Edwin Goh and Jayley Woo!

The Professional Foodie, Miss Tam Chiak!

Another fun loving foodie, Brenda!

Lastly the very gorgeous and friendly fashionista, Velda.