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I have heard about this mask because of all the rave it received from the popular variety show ‘Nu Ren Wo Zui Da Queen’. Friends who holidays in Taiwan always come back with Sexy Look masks as gifts! If not, friends who intends to visit Taiwan will always be taking orders for Sexy Look masks! I am most delighted to inform everyone that you no longer have to visit Taiwan in order to purchase this! You can now get your Sexy Look masks from!

I am a huge believer of having my masks routine done twice weekly and I am very happy to receive Sexy Look Masks from for review. I was overwhelmed by the cover for it says bird’s nest and gold caviar! My skin is gona be so very pampered!

Sexy Look Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask (5pcs/box)

Revitalize and recharge your skin’s youthfulness! Enriched with bird’s nest and gold caviar to delay the aging process of your skin and repair damaged skin cell. With the innovative 3D ear hook design to firm and lift skin around cheek, chin and mouth area. Younger looking skin is just one mask away!

Review: I was still wondering what it means by duo lifting mask until I open a pack. After placing the mask on your face, you are to place the sides of the mask tucked behind your ears. To ensure firm lifting around the cheek, chin and mouth area, the 2 additional dangling masks are to be hooked behind your ears too. It feels kinda good to feel the mask is attached tightly onto the face. After 20mins, I can feel my skin tighten!

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