Kombi Rocks Diner – Retrolicious Fusion Thai Food

Kombi Rocks Diner

66 Yio Chu Kang Road

Tel: 6288 1206


The 1st thing that caught my eye upon walking to Kombi has to be the gorgeous classic vintage rides parked at its doorstep!! Check out the gorgeous Kombi Volkswagen van and the vintage Porsche! I read from their website that you can also rent these rides out for your photoshoot or wedding! LOVE the food and ambience! Vintage retro environment serving yummy fusion Thai food!

The owners must be a huge fan of the oldies and vintage. Every décor in the diner reminded me of the olden 70s / 80s Singapore. From the retro dining tables to the barber chairs, to the funky music posters, to the old clocks to vintage fridges and vehicles, everything is so old and so filled with memories and history.

Root Beer Float S$6.00 – giant float served in a frosty pint jar!

Shrimp Omelette S$8.00 – normal but tasty with generous servings of shrimps.

Wok-hei Fish Horfun S$8.00 – generous serving of fish slices and Horfun. The gravy tasted really good; it’s a little salty but kinda entice your appetite and makes you want to drink it all up!

Thai-style Spicy Vermicelli Salad with Shrimps S$8.00 – a little too spicy for me but very addictive. The famous sweet and sour Thai style of spicy.

Shrimp and CharSiew Fried Rice S$6.00 – the guys will like this for the portion is really huge. I like how they are very generous with the ingredients and I can taste the shrimp and charsiew with every mouthful.

Crabmeat Fried Rice S$12.00 – I was wondering why this plate of fried rice is so expensive till I saw it! Pieces of authentic crab meat with crab roe fried together with egg and rice. DELICIOUS!