Modgam Week Recap

As I lazily slowly edit my pictures and fill you in with blog posts on what I have been up to the entire week, here are some nice pictures from my instagram. Add me too if you instagram-ed @ modgam.

Can you spot me? Yey, I am now a guest blogger at My Fat Pocket I am so honoured to be part of this awesome family. I hope everyone will enjoy what they read there and hopefully be able to join them as their resident blogger.

‘I am not weird. I am unique.’ Yes book, I couldn’t agree more. Uh-huh Uh-huh. lol

You wouldn’t believe how cheap I paid for these awesome Laneige beauty products! 80% off, I kid you not!

Mr Postman came today with my new accessories! Whoppieeeee. New toys!

Imported hand-made nail polish from Hawaii! Gorgeous unique sparkles; monochrome polkadots with stripes sparkles and colorful graffiti sparkles!

However busy I am, I will definitely take time to bond with baby-face Goofy darling everyday. This picture was taken wee morning when I was blogging and he was bugging / barking for a snack! ~love~

Bought these cute Lego Ice moulds from my previous Legoland trip. Very cool indeed.

The special thing about these fries is the very yummy Chilli crab dip! Chilli crab is probably the most famous and popular seafood dish in Singapore.

Been eating so much this week, I can’t wait to share all the drool-worthy pictures. Had so much fun catching up and meeting new friends. Satisfying my waffle craving at one of my all time favorite joint, Pique Nique.