Ramen Play – Fresh Ramen with a twist of fun

Ramen Play

112 East Coast Rd

#02-06, 112 Katong Mall

Tel: 6636 3460


Was walking around craving for Japanese food and decided to try Ramen Play. Ramen Play sounds like fun and after reading up more about them, I discover that everyday is considered a “playday” as the restaurant constantly pushes the creative envelope to create new flavours and concepts to enhance customers’ dining experience of enjoying traditional ramen.

Dare to add your poison? I love the sense of humour here. 3 condiments to choose for your ramen.

Calpis with Mixed Fruit Jelly S$4.80 – Interesting Japanese cultured milk with mixed fruit jelly is pristinely fresh and not too sweet.

Crispy Dango S$3.80 – Crispy indeed and very tasty! Was tempted to order another plate!

Yaki Gyoza S$6.80 – I like the soft texture with the tasty meat and cabbage filling.

Tebasaki Ramen S$11.80 – braised chicken wings with yummy thick flavored soup.

Chicken Katsu Curry Ramen S$13.80 – I was expecting the Japanese thick curry and not in this watery soupy form. Am rather disappointed it tasted like Myojo curry instant noodle.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I’ve enjoy writing them.

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