Village Hotels & Residences’ 3rd Anniversary party

I was invited to Village Hotels & Residences’ 3rd Anniversary party at Landmark Village Hotel. Thank you Ericia for the invitation! You look fantastic as always and I’m glad I was able to catch up with you again. =]

The invitation says “Come Dressed Like A Star” and stand a chance to win an iphone5! I knew I had to dress up so as to win this latest gadget. I decided to dress like a Rock Star! Black with a little bit of shimmer, leather, skulls and stars.

Upon entering, I saw some simple decorations and was ready to walk the red carpet and suddenly a bunch of paparazzi started snapping our pictures away! They were cheering and snapping and I felt no doubt a superstar! Hahaaa the entrance was amazing and got everyone laughing and ready to party! Fits the theme perfectly.

What is a party without Psy’s Gangnam style playing and everyone dancing away? The entertainment lined up was pretty impressive and we had fun. Together with good food and tons of laughters and catching up, what is there not to love?

Can you guess which other superstar came to party with us? Lady Gaga in the house!

Looking pretty like always, Ericia. =]

Thank you Village Hotels for all the yummy spread! My friends and I had a ball eating away! Infact, we had so much fun we actually forgot to snap what we had after the 3rd dish! hahaa

I am pretty sure the guests that were present wasn’t the least bored for the entertainment never stops! Besides all the dancing and performance, the host was playing games with everyone and giving away prizes. 3 male and 3 female were chosen for the ‘Best Dressed’ competition and I was really surprised to see a picture of myself on the screen!

For the 3 males, they had to do a sexy dance and the one with the loudest cheers from the crowd wins! For my category, I nearly died of embarrassment! We had to catwalk, sexy dance, pick a man among the crowd and sexy dance again, and do the flying kiss and sexy woooo. GOSH! SOMEONE KILL ME PLEASE! I lost. Hahaaa thanks to all my friends who were cheering for me, I came in second! If only they got me to act rocker, quirky… anything except all girly and sexy, I might have won! Why can’t they judge the overall dressing instead? ~bites lip~ Goodbye iphone 5!

A photographer was walking around asking if we would like a picture taken to have it printed onto a cup as souvenir and so we did. Its such a nice gesture and thanks to Village Hotels, Deenise and I now share a “couples cup”. Hahaa I had a good time and thank you for the hospitality Village Hotels.