Shunji Matsuo @ 313 – My Hair Makeover; Chic n Blonde

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Shunji Matsuo at 313

313 Orchard Road

#03-26, 313 Somerset

Tel: 6238 0226


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I love changing hairdo A LOT and you can imagine my excitement when Shunji Matsuo contacted me to head to their outlet at Somerset 313 for a trial hair makeover. Upon stepping into Shunji Matsuo, I was attracted to the loud cheery walls and it got me really excited for I love colors and I definitely like what I see. I was then introduced to my hairstylist, Jerry. He looks really cool and Jap and yes I’ll show you his picture as you read along.

I haven’t had straight hair for 15 years and the shortest hair length I had is probably slightly above shoulder length? Jerry was asking me what I did with my hair before and I showed him pictures of my recent dip-dyed hairdos. We spoke for a bit and he asked if I am willing to cut my hair short. I told him in confidence that he can do anything he likes as long as it isn’t rebonding = straight hair. He is very sure that I will look good in short AND straight hair! I ain’t toooo sure for I haven’t seen myself in straight hair for 15 years??! Short? Sure, bring it on! Straight? Hmmm… that is a whole lot to think. Jerry then said something along this sentence “Hair will always grow back, you should just try.” This is exactly my quote to everyone who knows me! People always ask why I am so daring with my hair colors and perms and this is how I would always reply!! After hearing this, I know Jerry knows what he is doing and without hesitation, I told him to go ahead and do what he feels would look good on me.

Jerry discussed with me and decided to go blonde with neon yellow streaks. I can’t really visualised but I did what I usually do, TRY AND GO FOR IT and so I did. He started cutting my hair and oh boy am I shocked. My hair is really gone now. Hahaa

After the haircut is done and looking into the mirror, I cannot help thinking how this short bob look will make me look good. Although I am very open to change, I guess I still need time to adapt the whole NEW look! Jerry then came and told me he will now do the first bleach to get the blonde look. After the first bleach, I kinda love how cool I look in this new bob!

Jerry then told me this time he will have to bleach the roots and it will kinda hurt. I remember my first full bleach a year ago but I can’t really recall the “pain” till he started bleaching! My whole head feels numb and in pain. Hahaa the price for beauty! But Jerry and his colleague is really nice and is always checking on me to make sure I am comfy. I am now all blondish! WOAH!

Just when I thought I’m all done and ready to go, Jerry explained that he will now apply greyish color to my blonde before adding the neon yellow streaks. I asked why grey and wouldn’t I look all old? He said this is to neutralise the bright blonde color so that after a few washes, my blonde will fade into a nicer shade of blonde. I am now excited and cannot wait for the end result.

PRESENTING the new MAG / MODGAM! THANK YOU so much Jerry! I am very very very pleased with the whole new look! I get tons of compliments on how fresh and chic I look. I never never would have expected myself to look this good in a short hairdo let alone a straight short one! I am now anticipating my next appointment with Jerry! Looking for a new look? A new hair color? Make an appointment with Jerry now! Your hair is in good hands! Look at mine and you’ll know!