Havaianas – Fashionable Footwear for Flip-flop lovers!

I am hardly a flip-flop kinda gal but even I got tempted by the many designs from Havaianas and now owns 3 pairs. Thanks to Havaianas recent media launch, I won 2 vouchers and with the welcome gift, I will soon be the proud mama of 6 gorgeous pairs of Havaianas! Thank you Havaianas and William for the invite.







I love the carnival theme Havaianas has put together for this media preview held at the beautiful L’Etoile Cafe. There are game stalls, photo booth with fun props, popcorn man, colorful candy floss, popsicles and a whole lot of yummy food. Carnival worthy alright! I wish I took a closer picture of the pool I was fishing for mini flip flops! I am the proud owner of 5 fishes flip flops and won myself a S$40 Havaianas voucher. At the Hoop-in Havaianas stall, I won myself another S$10 voucher. Boy, am I Havaianas happy!!



From Geek to Chic, Preppy to Punk, Havaianas promises an exciting 2013 with trendy prints and pop culture designs just for you and your friends. I am very sure you will be able to find at least a pair that you want, out of the many designs they have in store for you! Now, who says flip-flop ain’t fashionable enough? It is flip-flop season 365 days with over 30 new styles from the latest 2013 collection! I am loving how they decorate all the visual displays matching all the sandals with the relevant theme.

Are you ready? Here we go!


Slim Graphic – Women (December 2012)

Get obsessed with stylish geometric prints!


Slim Paradiso – Women (February 2013)

Adorned with beautiful tropical floral prints inspired from Thai flowers and embroidery, this collection is perfect resort wear for stylish ladies on a beach vacation.


Slim Animals – (April 2013) / Slim Animals Fluo – (December 2013) – Women

Stylish animal prints featuring snake skin patterns, monochrome zebra stripes and two-toned leopard prints!


Pac Man – Unisex – (January 2013) as shown on left corner in picture

Classic 1980s favorite arcade game! Brings out the fun elements in individuals.


Arts – Unisex – (May 2013)

One of my favorite among this new collection! Fusing art with fashion, the prints in thie design are characterised by disorderly elements such as spaceships, monsters, animals and objects in a chaotic and fun manner!



Top / Top Mix / Brasil Logo / Brasil Mix – (May 2013)

Colorful timeless pairs!



Baby Disney Classics / Baby Mickey Minnie / Kids Heroes – (January – February 2013)

This is a perfect collection to spread happiness and good memories to babies and children with all their favorite iconic Disney character!


I am eyeing this super cool skull and studs flip-flop! I am super in love with this pair!

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