Casio EX-JE10: The Camera to Women’s Heart

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THANK YOU Casio for giving me the chance to review Ms Cutie, Casio EX-JE10! This is one compact digital camera with not so compact features. Read along and you’ll see why and how this camera is set to become women’s new best friend!



With such pretty colors, I was deciding between the sweet pink or the chic white and I picked chic. With its sleek compact body, each camera comes with a matching camera jacket with shoulder strap. I love how convenient it is to simply hang the strap over my neck and wear it as an accessory, and never worrying about dropping or misplacing it.


Meet my white cutie! Pretty isn’t she? She isn’t just all looks but she sure is all equipped and smart too. She is so compact and is about the size of our EZ link card which makes her perfect for your mini clutch when you attend events or clubbing with your girlfriends. With a powerful 16.1 megapixel and a 5x optical zoom, she also comes with MAKE-UP function for making people’s faces look their beautiful best! LADIES, you will be so amazed by this function. Instant skin perfection the moment you snap your picture!



There are also EIGHT different effects for creating artistic photos such as fisheye, toy camera, sepia, soft focus, monochrome, pop, miniature and light tone. I had so much fun laughing and snapping away with these effects from Casio EX-JE10 today while having desserts with friends.

Pop Effect:


Fisheye Effect:


Toy Camera Effect:


You will be amazed by how thoughtful this camera is! With a joystick control that can be easily operated, you don’t have to worry about chipping your long nails! One other function I love is how stable and easy it is to snap a self portrait! Simply select self portrait (1 person), face the camera to you, press the snap button and the camera automatically captures your face while you pose and viola, sharp beautified picture of you!

Sharing one other big tip with you!



As the camera is screw onto the cover, you don’t have to worry about finding a screwdriver to unscrew it for charging or to upload your pictures. Simply use the strap (1.) and place it to screw (2.) and unscrew. Yes, it is as simple as that!

P/s: Snapping self portrait is so easy now while snapping angles for reviewing masks. I shall show you more in my upcoming post.

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