Have a very blessed Christmas everyone!

Christmas is my all time favorite festive, its the most wonderful season of the year, but this year I am not feeling the Christmas mood much. Nothing bad happen, infact I take it as a different kinda Christmas this year. Received a lot of love from my friends and love ones and am just spending Christmas a little differently this year. Instead of going to parties or organising meetups at my crib, I am kinda enjoying the quiet lovely day with D and Goofy right at home. It’s really nice and we shopped online together buying lots of loots from ASOS! Hahaaa We chatted about the many exciting and happy stuffs that are happening in 2013 and we are really excited. I will slowly share them with you when things are finalised… then you’ll help share my joy ok? =]

merry xmas

To all my awesome friends and readers of Modgam, I would like to wish you a very MERRY XMAS and may you have a very blessed Xmas filled with lotsa awesomeness, presents, joy and happiness.

Sharing with you one of my all time favorite Xmas song.