Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板) – made entirely out of driftwood

Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板)

No. 8, Lane 32,

Sec. 1, Neihu Rd., Zhongshan District,

Taipei 104

I’ve seen this amazing structure a few times on TV and I told myself I will definitely visit this place if I ever visit Taiwan and so I did! Breathtaking structure with quirky colors! I read the name of this restaurant is named after a coin. The owner was walking along the beach and found a five dime coin inserted in a driftwood. Can you believe the whole restaurant is made up of driftwood!! It is by far the most original and inspiring place I’ve ever eaten in. You will agree with me as you read on…




The unique entrance and the gorgeous sight along our way up.




If you think the exterior is amazing, the interior is gona WOW you even more!








We are famished yet excited and the menu looks overwhelming we didn’t know what to order and so we got the waitress help and she recommended some of the favorite dishes here for us.


Spicy Fly Head TWD$280 – I got a shock when I read the name of this dish. I was thinking if we are going to be eating flies. Hahaa It is actually pan fried mince leek with soy bean and chilli. It actually tasted really good.


Braised Seafood and Crab Meat with Tofu TWD$360 – a little bland for my liking and the squid is a little rubbery but my friends are loving this dish.


Deep Fried Squid in Cantonese Style TWD$280 – interesting and crunchy.


Crispy Fried Chicken with Garlic Pepper TWD$580 – we ordered half chicken and am loving the very crispy skin and soft chicken meat. Yummy!


Hand Made Peanut Mochi TWD$25 – Must remember to order this for dessert as this is their speciality and its very yummy. We have never seen such a big piece of mochi for they normally comes in bite size. It is made of milk and I was worried it will be too strong for my liking but the peanut makes it sweet. Love this dessert.


This is one place you definitely have to visit if you are in Taipei! Amazing feeling.