epilogue café @ ION Orchard – perfect hideout among the crowds

epilogue café @ ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #04-16
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 8627

I have been to Epilogue Cafe on my own for a few times and I find it a pity on the lack of desserts choice but am so thrilled when they wrote to me inviting me to their new dessert launch! They are introducing a whole new range of desserts and is nice to know they are always on the scout for more unique ones receipes. I’ve blogged about Epilogue cafe before and I cannot emphasize enough that this is the best place to chill and chat with your friends if you are looking for an escape away from the bustling Orchard crowd. What is even more enticing is the wide variety of food menu! Spend a minimum of S$25 and you can even redeem a free book from a selected range! What is there not to love?




LIKE their FB and you get to enjoy 15% off desserts like Poire William Crème Brulee, Classic Crème Brulee, Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, White Sesame Pana Cotta, Devilish Brownie with Ice Cream! Hurry for their promotion ends 31 Jan 2013!


Iced Mojito with Fresh Mint Soda Pop – Very refreshing and it gets me sipping more! Love the cute little water jug, brought a smile to my face.

Iced Mojito with Fresh Mint Soda Pop

Devilish Brownie with Ice Cream – Rich and moist with generous chunks of chocolate and walnuts with a scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream. The brownie is slightly warm and together with the cold ice-cream, PERFECT MATCH. I love how soft the brownie is and unlike other brownies that fall apart in crumbs after you slice it with your fork.

Devilish Brownie with Ice Cream

Classic Yolkless Cheesecake – Baked yolkless cheesecake, rich without being overpowering. Smooth, soft and melts in your mouth. This dessert is also low in cholesterol making it a healthier dessert alternative.

Classic Yolkless Cheesecake

Tiramisù Italiano – A MUST HAVE for all Tiramisu lovers! Light Italian mascorpone sandwich traditional genoise soaked in white rum, cognac and coffee syrup! It’s a tad too rich for me but my friend who is a Tiramisu lover is loving this dessert.

Tiramisù Italiano

Granny’s Carrot Cake – All time favourite packed with carrots, fruits and nuts topped with cream cheese. I always kid about this cake being too healthy and how I will never eat it but the one at Epilogue’s changed my mind. I love the soft texture and how the fruits and nuts along with the cream cheese leave that nice after-taste in my mouth. Did you know that the Carrot Cake is best eaten at room temperature? Don’t eat it straight when served if its taken out from the fridge.

Granny’s Carrot Cake

Parisian Macaron – Comes in assorted natural tea flavours including Rose, Chai, Matcha, Chamomile, and Morgan Blend! It’s very rare to find strong tea flavoured macarons and my favorite has to be the Chamomile!

Parisian Macaron

Classic Crème Brulee – The beloved classic French custard dessert topped with a signature rich, caramel crunch. In my opinion, this taste better than the ones served in Bakerzin. One of my all time favorite dessert!

Classic Crème Brulee

Poire William Crème Brulee The classic custard dessert with Poire William-drenched palate provoking twist. You can hardly find this extremely complicated dish unless you are dining in a hotel or a very expensive cafe. Imagine my surprise when I saw this dessert! This is a MUST TRY for the nicely peeled pear is soaked with a tinge of alcohol taste and with the sweetness of the custard and caramel, you are in for a bud twist!

Poire William Crème Brulee

Poire William Crème Brulee


Spicy Peanut Sauce Chicken – Made with Mediterranean Panini Bread & served with Mixed Greens Salad & Chips! The whole chicken patty soaked in spicy Rendang sauce is simply divine! Fusion mix of goodness. MUST HAVE! MUST TRY!

Spicy Rendang Chicken Sandwich

Thank you Epilogue Cafe and Angela for having us over. We had a very good time tasting all the new desserts and will be sure to drop by again whenever we are in town.


Spicy Peanut Sauce Chicken