Hexoplexo – Geometric desert by Marcos Paulo

It’s amazing how the internet connects people from around the world, bringing everyone closer. I was googling the net catching up on my Fashion reads and I stumbled upon this amazing designer, Marcos Paulo. As I was blogging his design, little did I expect to receive an email from the man himself! Read about his previous collection HERE!

Anyhow, we have been staying in touch and I am more than excited to introduce his latest design, Geometric desert! This amazing collection takes inspiration from Morocco, from the designs that are seen in crafts, walls and architecture. The colors on the prints are a mixture of white and folded geometric designs bringing texture and shape to the pieces.

The clothes are a mixture of two basics geometric forms, the triangle and the circle. Changing between straight lines and geometric shapes to draped and curved lines, mixing traditional pattern-making with 3D techniques.








More exciting news are coming your way for Marcos is getting ready to launch his collection online! Yes, you heard me! You will soon be able to order his one of a kind, amazing collection soon! The very kind Marcos is also sending me my very own piece too. ~excites~ I will be keeping you in the loop as soon as everything is finalized.