Beer Market – the perfect mixture of food, music and sports

Beer Market

Blk 3B, River Valley Road

#01-17/02-02, The Foundry@Clarke Quay

Singapore 179021

Tel: 9661 8283 (call after 6pm)


I’ve heard so much rave about this “stock exchange” joint and am finally here to check it out thanks to MSK! Thank you for the invite bro! Together with the handsome Yutaki, the crazy sweetie Zerika and MSK’s reader, Rachel, we went on our food journey!



Inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange, Beer Market is the perfect mixture of food, music and sports whereby drinks prices move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience.




Tiger Crystal Beer – the hot favorite beer and I even had 2 bottles! I love the after taste for there is no bitterness.

tiger crystal beer

Fruli Strawberry Beer – though the after taste is a little bitter, there is a tinge of sweet strawberry taste.

Fruli Strawberry Beer

Cheese Nachos S$6.00 – perfect to go with beer drinking with friends. Love the melted cheese dip!

Cheese Nachos

Cheesy Fries S$8.00 – don’t fancy nachos, how about the all time favorite fries then? I think we requested extra wasabi sauce.

Cheesy Fries

Calamari S$9.00 – deep fried calamari served with dipped sauce.


Spicy buffalo Wings S$10.00 – toooo spicy for my liking but my friends enjoyed it.

Honey Glazed BBQ Wings S$10.00 – very delicious and I would definitely order this again!

Spicy buffalo Wings, Honey Glazed BBQ

Wasabi Prawns S$10.00 – deep fried prawns with wasabi mayo.

Wasabi Prawns

Grilled Pork Cheese Bratwurst S$13.00 – served with home-made sauce, sliced potatoes, onions and seasonal vegetables.

Grilled Pork Cheese Bratwurst

Sausage Aglio e Olio Pasta S$13.00 – sausage with chilli flakes. Its unusual for the aglio olio to be this spicy but I guess people who loves chilli will like this.

Sausage Aglio e Olio Pasta

Carbonara S$13.00 – Bacon in cream sauce. My all time favorite dish minus the onions.


Hawaiian Pizza S$17.00 – Everybody’s favorite indeed! With the hot melting overdose cheese, ham and pineapples, what’s there not to love?

Hawaiian Pizza

I finally had the chance to meet the handsome King of photography, Yutaki! He is so warm and jovial in person, it is easy talking to him. I sure hope to see you again and we’ll pose for better pictures ok? =]


The only decent pic with my very funny sweetie Zerika because after this decent pic, all our pictures are of funny faces. We had a ball laughing our hearts off! She and her funny iphone apps!