Fun and quirky Candies from Taiwan – Sophisca Candies

Some friends frequent Taiwan a lot yet have never seen nor heard of this fun and quirky candies yet some friends who have only been there once returned with tons of it! If you ever visit Taiwan, you have gotto visit one of Sophisca outlets! They have tons of outlets all over Taiwan and you can find the address HERE!

There are so many different kinds of fun packaging in the store and I was like a little kid all over again! I was there 2 weeks before Xmas and there are so many different kinds of Xmas candies and I swear I can easily buy everything if it wasn’t for my quite full luggage. ~grumbles~

It may seem a little offensive to some people but its all in the name of fun. If you are offended, I apologise. Please exit and read my other posts instead ok? =]

Here we go:


The packaging is made to look like sanitary pads but its actually marshmallow candy! My friends were pretty amused especially my guy friends.


Mahjong tiles! So fun and I bought one for my mom who loves playing mahjong! She loves the different fruity candies!


Handyplast! Cute chocolate 1st aid plaster!



Condom packaging in strawberry and chocolate! My parents were pretty amused and so are my friends. Some find it hard to eat but most had a good laugh!


In some fun old school medicated oil packaging but the chocolate pops are really yummy.


Betel nut which is kinda a trademark of Taiwan.

Would you buy these for your friends?