Shunji Matsuo @ 313 – Long lasting hair color!

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Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road
#03-26, 313 Somerset
Tel: 6238 0226
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What do you look for when you are deciding which hair salon to go to? Price? Value for money? Experience? Fresher new look? An altogether new look? How do you know if your hair is in good hands? I guess you will never know till you try and coming from me, I have met my fair share of hairstylists and hair salons. I change my hairdo so often since I was 18yrs old and in my 30s’ now, yes…I do know what I am talking about.


For me, besides some of the above factors, I love it more if my hairstylist is adventurous and creative enough to constantly try something new and give me a new hairdo. It is rather hard to find a good hairstylist who understands your needs, gives you good advise and share ideas and I thought besides Pauline I will never find another. That is until I found Jerry from Shunji Matsuo!


I was telling Jerry I wanted something new and fresh for Chinese New Year. He suggested purple for its a nice color and its easier to go with my colorful wardrobe. As always, he gave me a few different ways on how I can color it and we finally decided to go with whole head purple and taking some part on my left for ash lavender lilac color.




If you notice, all my colorings with Shunji Matsuo are very long lasting. I have seen friends who dyed colors similar to mine but theirs faded after a week or less. I washed my hair at least twice a day and my colors lasted longer. I’ve dyed this purple hairdo on 3rd Feb and till now it has faded to a nice pastel lilac color and I still get tons of compliments for it!




For my upcoming new hair color, I’m kinda thinking of my favourite green but we’ll see. I can’t wait to see my new hairdo! What about you?

Quote “modgam” to get 10% off chemical services. Haircut not included. Remember to ask for my hairstylist, Jerry. Call 6238 0226 and make an appointment!


P/s: As some of you have requested for Jerry to smile more, I’ve specially requested for him to smile here… just for you! Heheeee