Taiwan Trip Shopping Loots!! At long last…

Yes, I finally got down to sorting out my shopping loots from my Taiwan trip! Shopping is pretty disappointing but I did somehow still managed to find me some quirky stuffs! It’s Modgam you are talking about, of cos I CAN and WILL dig my way through the malls and what not!


The Funky Pencil and Eraser Earphones!

Aren’t they adorable? So quirky it makes me laugh! Detailed sound with not too bad bass!




Quirky fun prints!

The very adorable Bart Simpson sweatshirt plus quirky, fun and colorful socks! Reminded me of Lazy Oaf socks.


Some earrings and rings.


Love the architect structures of these pouches. Reminded me of Issey Miyake Bilbao! I wanted to buy one of each in different colors!


I love buying Japanese magazines for it comes with lovely bags, pouches or a special gift collaboration. Bought Ahcahcum Muchacha magazine and it came with this lovely cat bag! It is so unique and I think I paid only about S$55? I am in love with so many Ahcahcum Muchacha designs and I would love to get my hands on her past rabbit collection.


photo 1a

photo 2a

Shark Ring

This is one very cool ring! Am loving the details and if you look close enough, you’ll be able to see its teeth!


Artsy Rabbit

Doesn’t this rabbit looks like the one from Alice in Wonderland? So cute and artsy!


Starbucks Tote and Chocolates in Coin Pouch

I will and must visit Starbucks each time I travel because I am a HUGE Starbucks fan! I have to check out their collection and see if there is anything I can buy and collect which is not available here in Singapore.



I bought some funky clothing too but they are mostly in black and grey. I’ll wear and snap them for my Daily Outfits post ok? Anyhow, I hope you are enjoying this simple and happy blog post. Till then…