KOSE new INFINITY XX series – my skin after 2 weeks

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Many including myself have the misconception about the word ‘Whitening’. A lot of my overseas readers were concern when they read about my blog posts on the beauty products I reviewed on whitening. A lot of them thought I was ashamed of my skin and wanted to bleach it. Whitening skincare products does not bleach your skin but to help get rid of dull skin giving your skin a natural nice glow.

I’ve always wanted to tan myself for I envy friends who has honey toned skin for they look so good, cool and healthy. BUT no matter how I tan myself, I always end up with lobster red skin before turning all fair again. ~shesh~ As I grow older, I’ve learn to appreciate my fair skin and how to take better care of it. I was a late bloomer when it comes to beauty products and it was only in the recent years that I understood what whitening products are all about.

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Deep Protection UV – Sunscreen is very important and I cannot emphasize enough. The damage caused by UV rays does not stop at blemishes and freckles, they are also the cause of aging symptons such as wrinkles and sagging!

Review: The sunscreen feels light on the skin and can be used as a make-up base! I notice the slight tightness after applying and I like how it spreads smoothly over my face while hydrating the skin.

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Realizing White Lotion XX – Lotion XX delivers whitening ingredients to all corners of the skin and locking them in. A kojic acid whitening lotion that cares for blemishes and dullness with strong whitening effects, making your entire face fair and translucent.

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Review: I like how fast the lotion gets absorbed into the skin. Because of the added anti aging care effects, it will create elastic skin with firmness, shine and transucency. I can feel my skin softens and feels instant hydration. The skin feels supple and firm as shown in picture after 2 weeks of using Realizing White Lotion XX.

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Realizing White Serum XX – A whitening emulsion compounded with kojic acid that delivers active beauty ingredients throughout the skin, locking them in to create fair skin that bounces to the touch!

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Review: I like the gently scented smell and how my skin feels even more hydrated after applying it all over my face. I like the bouncy feel and the whole face seems to look a lot more vibrant.

Stay tuned for my updated review to be done in another 2 weeks!

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