Shunji Matsuo @ 313 – Thank you for the confidence!

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Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road
#03-26, 313 Somerset
Tel: 6238 0226
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This is one of the rare blog posts with a lot of my self-snap shots! Hahaaa I am sooooo loving my new look I cannot stop snapping away! I kept looking at myself in the mirror and couldn’t stop smiling. Thanks to Jerry and Shunji Matsuo, I felt really confident after leaving the salon.


Thanks to Shunji Matsuo, I have been really COLORFUL with my hairdo. I am having so much fun trying new colors and exploring colors I never imagine will one day be on me! Hahaa Thank you Jerry for constantly coming up with new ideas and working my style with me! Yes, now you know I am all about different. Bring it on!


I love colors a lot especially green and yellow. I really want to try having my favorite green on my hair. After discussing with Jerry, he started brainstorming as always and I love that he is always giving me a few options to choose from. At least I don’t have to die die stick to one color, one style right?



I am loving what I see so far! Instead of brown, Jerry decided to match green with the latest Japanese pink ash color!



We decided not to bleach my hair this time and keep it long so that we venture something new. I kinda miss having curls but let’s see what we will do the next time. I am hoping for something wild and loud like some funky fizzy hair? To help moisturise and retain water on my dry locks, I was given a customised hair treatment.


I wanted something different for my fringe and told Jerry to go ahead and snip! The weirder the better I said! Haha by weirder I don’t mean ugly weird but the unusual look! Am loving the uneven cuts! Nice right???





Quote “modgam” to get 10% off chemical services. Haircut not included. Remember to ask for my hairstylist, Jerry. Call 6238 0226 and make an appointment now!

You don’t have to necessarily go green or all loud and crazy to look different. You will be surprise with what small changes like a different fringe cut or a new hairdye can do to your overall look!! If you won’t try, you will never know.