Fran – He who makes each drawing comes to life!

Fran is an animal lover and with the tip of his pen, he can magically turn lines and dots into life! He is based in Hong Kong with fans and followers all over the world. Why am I not surprise? Anyone who has seen his work will definitely be captivated! I am really honoured when he says his work is a beautiful way to honor as being a “MODGAMer” and to have it display at my crib! Thank you for your support too Fran, I am definitely a huge fan of yours!


I “met” Fran through instagram and I knew I had to get him to draw me and Goofy! He is very friendly and after interviewing him, I am even more impressed and filled with admiration. How can I not share this with all of yall right? Thanks to Fran, one of my lucky readers will get to win a portrait drawing of your pet! Yes, Fran is one of the few sponsors for Modgam 1 year international blogoversary giveaway!!! Thank you for the beautiful banner too Fran. I am loving every bit of it!


I am really happy to be able to do an interview with Fran.

Mag: When did you start to draw? Who is your biggest inspiration?

Fran: Drawing has always been the best past time since childhood and my dad was the greatest influence in my art life. I can still recall the day when I was still a toddler, trying to draw a gorilla on my own. Seeing that I couldn’t get it right, my dad held me up and put me on his lap. With the gorilla picture on one side, he started to draw without saying a word.
In a few strokes, I witnessed a gorilla came to live on the canvas. My dad is my super hero, my idol, but sadly that was the one and only time that I saw him drawing,
he passed away years ago and since then, I never had the luxury to see those magical moments from him. Sometimes I couldn’t figure out whether it comes down from the genes or it’s from hard work, when I was in primary school, I saw things in not their shapes but in lines. All of my paintings were done based on these lines that I saw, but eventually,
I seemed to have lost this gift and could rely my own imagination. I never see drawing or painting as a profession, until three years ago a magazine asked me to teach drawing in one of their columns.



Mag: I understand you are an animal lover, do you have a pet too?

Fran: I have a three-year-old black Chinese dog named BATX2, it’s named after Batman since it wears Batman’s mask as well. She was less than a month’s old when I found it abandoned with her 5 siblings in a dumpster on a rainy night. It was difficult to pick only one out of them six as I live in a small apartment. She was the smallest of them all and the two little dots on the top of her eyes, made her look the smartest of them all and that’s why I chose her, her siblings were all sent to shelter. She loves to eat and run around all the time, easily timid but very kind at heart and loves to be with everyone she meets.
Perhaps I kind of spoiled it and seldom separate from her since I brought her home, she always look a bit anxious and on the edge when I’m not around. With this new job, I can keep her company while I work.



Mag: Is there a reason why your drawings are mainly pets?

Fran: Pets have a shorter lifespan and people seek different ways to memorialise their pets before or after the loss, this ranges from pictures, urns or online headstones.
A friend of mine was really heartbroken with the loss of her dog. Wanting to make her feel better, I offered to draw a portrait for her dog so she can keep it. The drawing was loved and appreciated and was set as Facebook avatars, cell phone wallpapers, of the whole family! It was not until then I realize this is actually a very meaningful act, for portraits can capture the best moments of these lovely animals, without having to worry the lighting, settings of the camera while shooting a photo.



Mag: What is the most difficult part to capture? How do you make each pair of eyes “light up”?

Fran: Usually I will ask clients to write a few lines of bio or tell me stories about their pets,
so that the painting is drawn with the pets’ character and portraits their love,
and only with love can I come up with a beautiful heartfelt drawing.


Mag: Whenever you receive a picture, which part of the features do you start 1st?
Fran: I always start from the eyes, eyes can gives out the more information, expression than any other parts of body.


Mag: Is there a reason why you chose to draw using ink?

Fran: I choose to use ink rather than charcoal for I always want to create something that look real but in my style, which you won’t be able to find any where else.


Mag: I noticed you update your instagram a lot and I wonder how many ink commissions do you do a day?
Fran: I have almost 1 commission every day. Besides that, I need to draw for magazine columns, products and sometimes for commercial works…



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