Hitachi HadaCRie Cool – my 1st video!

My very 1st video dedicated to Hitachi HadaCRie and thanks to Ruiting of, this video is made possible. She not only helped film the whole process, she did the whole editing as well. THANKS BABE!!!!

After using Hitachi HadaCRie for 4 months, I feel that my skin is able to breathe better. Probably cos after each “treatment”, the results (the stained cotton pad) is shown immediately. You can read my entire journey HERE!

I still feel shy looking at myself in the video but hope you’ll enjoy it. I was thinking instead of showing you every steps as what the main video on the home page does, I decided on doing a close-up of my skin instead. =]


Hitachi is participating in the Lianhe Wanbao 30th Anniversary Health & Beauty Event @ Marina Bay Sands on 4th and 5th May 2013. Here is an event ad with details.

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