Labour Day, My Birthday. =]

Helloooooo, I have been away because I have finally moved and settled in my temporarily house. I thought packing is a chore, unpacking is equally bad! LOL I have also been busy for I am celebrating my birthday thanks to these amazing friends who makes the effort in making me feel extra special on this day of mine!

Anyway, I was really upset when I was heading out to meet my besties for my birthday celebration because I lost my camera. I was really careless and I left the camera in the cab. The camera was on loan from my bff and I lost it. He was really sweet and he didn’t want me to compensate but I had to do it for I felt really bad. What is more upsetting was the fact that I gave chased after 2 minutes and even had the call center helped contact the cabby but he didn’t answer the phone nor reply till many hours later. I knew that my camera wasn’t coming back. I am not trying to accuse nobody but it didn’t make sense to me that the camera wasn’t there for I am sure it is and I didn’t forget it hours later but 2 minutes! =( Thank you D, Bud and Vin, for the most amazing birthday celebration! xoxo




Every year I feel really blessed and thankful for the many birthday celebrations and wishes from family and different group of friends! This year is kinda different for me and instead of keeping myself free and available for people whom I think are important to me, I used it for people who really cares and makes the effort to celebrate for me. I am not accusing anyone of anything here but call it a year wiser or maybe I have finally come to terms that it is the quality and not the quantity. A very wise friend told me “People have different definitions and life journeys. After a while, you’ll get the sense of who’s worth it and whose not.” Got me thinking that I shouldn’t impose my expectations on others and it will be less hard on myself if I learn to see beyond that. I will be lying if I say I wasn’t disappointed but seeing it all… what can I say? Some do it out of tradition while some really do it out of love. U know who u lot are, u make me a really blessed n happy birthday gal.


My super sweet colleagues brought me out for lunch and surprised me with a birthday cake. It’s amazing how our friendship blossomed so much despite the short period of time. The joker got pranked! Yes, yours truly was blowing the candles so hard and no matter how hard I blow, the flames kept relighting! LOL Everyone had a good laugh but me! KIDDING! I had as much fun. Thank you so much you awesome lot!



On the eve of my birthday, I spent it with people who are really close to my heart. We had a superb yummy Japanese dinner before heading for some drinks to chill and countdown to my birthday! Thanks Merli, Jasmine and Cindy for making the effort and I truly appreciate your presence! I will never be able to look at 007 the same way again! Bang!






Cousins LOVE for the birthday! Simple get together but absolutely heart warming and filled with joy. Thank you Jerry and Dasao! Grew up with this cousin of mine and I can proudly say, yes… I’ve known him all my life!





Another girlfriend of mine is really sweet and brought me for a very very delicious Italian restaurant for dinner and moscato catching! Thanksssss beng! I had such an awesome time! xoxo




one more birthday celebration with some sweet people and I’ll cya next year! =D