We have shifted! – Please subscribe again?

Hey, its been a good year with wordpress.com but we have since shifted to another server. I am a little upset for I’ve lost all you good friends who was once subscribed to my blog. All the information is with wordpress and I really hope we are able to stay in touch through this little space of mine.

Would you PLEASE go to www.modgam.com and type in your email on the right hand bottom to subscribe to my blog again? I will really appreciate that! I will really like to know we can still stay in touch and chat. Please pretty please?

You wouldn’t want to miss all my fun updates and giveaway too right?

Checkout my new banner designed by Thailand’s Fashion Illustrator! I am so excited to introduce and share his amazing artworks with all of you. So pleaseeee, go join me at my new server and subscribe ok?? THANK YOU!!!! Ill see yall there!




Mag aka Modgam