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my new toy aka my bd gift…

My bestie, Angie, got me my dream watch for my birthday this year. It’s a new brand called I like their bling bling series but decided that I want one that is… Continue reading

shoes that helps you workout; MBT!

A little info about MBT: MBT stands for “Masai Barefoot Technology,” and the shoes are designed to simulate walking in sand. It’s a multi-layered, curved sole that accomplishes this by creating a natural… Continue reading

Outfit of the day!

Please bear with me while I try to think of a good way to pose with my head attached. Meanwhile, today’s outfit is stripy with mesh on both sides of shoulder.    … Continue reading

Obsessed with BaoBao bags from Issey Miyake

I fell in love with these gorgeous bags 2 years ago before it was popular in Singapore. I was amazed how playful and fun a bag can be!! I saw them while holidaying… Continue reading

decided and bought… a pc of Alexander McQueen

My gal-fren, Ting, asked what I want for my birthday this year and since I’m spending it in BKK, she asked me to quickly decide so that she can get it first since… Continue reading

MBT love!

I’m finally shopping online again… but the damage done is really bad and mad, not as if it wasn’t like that before but this time is 3 times more. Money seems really small… Continue reading

2011 birthday love

Tata Baby Ostrich Print from D and Kiong; D gave this to me as part of S.C and Kiong for my birthday…   D got me an iphone 4 as my birthday gift… Continue reading

the new obsession

I’m never the shoes kinda gal… I’m definitely the bags, clothing and accessories kinda gal but recently, I’m very very INTO shoes. Especially the funky atas, super ridiculous prices kind which I used… Continue reading

Handphone Queen?

I’m a handphone junkie and I gladly acknowledge that but Queen?? Since I’ve gotten my iphone, I’ve stopped this obsession. I recalled such obsession for I won’t wait for the contract to end before getting the… Continue reading

thank you Reebonz

I missed my chance of getting that neon green or neon yellow Marc Jacobs bag and I regretted since! I finally had the chance to use my S$80 credit from Reebonz, THANK YOU!… Continue reading

new toy + new job

Yey!!!!!!!!!! Finally gotten my Limited edition Tsumori Chisato Iphone cover from HKG! My ex-coll couldn’t find Issey Miyake boutique in Japan and I’m so tempted to head there myself! Been dying to explore… Continue reading