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We have shifted! – Please subscribe again?

Hey, its been a good year with but we have since shifted to another server. I am a little upset for I’ve lost all you good friends who was once subscribed to… Continue reading

Pizza Hut’s New Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza!

My bestie and I are HUGE cheese fans and imagine our excitement when we hear about Pizza Hut’s New Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza! I have been really busy packing for we are moving… Continue reading

Xiao La Jiao Sichuan Cuisine @ 112 Katong Mall

Xiao La Jiao Sichuan Cuisine @ 112 Katong Mall 112 East Coast Road #03-05 112 Katong Mall Singapore 428802 Tel: 6636 3736 The Creative Eateries Group has too many awesome restaurants… Continue reading

Counting my blessings – Modgam is turning 1!

I have been feeling a lot the past few months, like a million zillion thoughts going through my head. I am a little overwhelmed but mostly thankful. I have been wanting to do… Continue reading

KOSE new INFINITY XX series – my skin after 2 weeks

Sponsored Ad Many including myself have the misconception about the word ‘Whitening’. A lot of my overseas readers were concern when they read about my blog posts on the beauty products I reviewed… Continue reading

Launch of KOSE new INFINITY XX series

Sponsored Ad Want natural glowing skin? Want firm and elastic skin? Want to look younger than actual age? Then you will HAVE to continue reading to see what I have to share with… Continue reading

3M Post-It: Work Smarter, Stay Happier

Sponsored Ad I sometimes wish I can blog full time, attend all most events, interview fashion designers, shop online and surf net all day long… who knows in time to come, I might… Continue reading

Who are the lucky winners for the luxury bag giveaway this year?

Who are the lucky winners for the luxury bag giveaway this year? By 5pm tomorrow, all will be revealed at! This Wednesday on 28th November 2012 at 3pm we will reveal who… Continue reading

In love with Céline luggage tote? If you win, your friend wins too.

Beauty Fool is named as one of the best beauty blogs by Vogue! And now, she has chosen Celine Mini Luggage Totes for My Fat Pocket‘s Luxury Bags Giveaway 2012. The frenzy over… Continue reading

FRANKENWEENIE: How to keep my favourite pet by my side forever?

I have been a dog lover since I was really little? I was lucky my parents and grandparents are dog lovers too and so I was pretty much exposed to dogs when I… Continue reading

Come U with me – Nespresso’s U Contest

If you haven’t read my post on Nespresso’s U machine, click HERE. To create that ultimate coffee experience for you, Nespresso recently launched a sleek, innovative and tech-advanced coffee machine known as U!… Continue reading