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We have shifted! – Please subscribe again?

Hey, its been a good year with but we have since shifted to another server. I am a little upset for I’ve lost all you good friends who was once subscribed to… Continue reading

Labour Day, My Birthday. =]

Helloooooo, I have been away because I have finally moved and settled in my temporarily house. I thought packing is a chore, unpacking is equally bad! LOL I have also been busy for… Continue reading

Fran – He who makes each drawing comes to life!

Fran is an animal lover and with the tip of his pen, he can magically turn lines and dots into life! He is based in Hong Kong with fans and followers all over… Continue reading

Counting my blessings – Modgam is turning 1!

I have been feeling a lot the past few months, like a million zillion thoughts going through my head. I am a little overwhelmed but mostly thankful. I have been wanting to do… Continue reading

Chanel Cambon Wallet – The Classic Beauty

Meet my new love, Chanel Cambon Wallet – The Classic Beauty. Since the gold has faded badly on my Prada wallet, I’ve decided to scout for a new one. The wallet is not… Continue reading

Singapore joins the world’s largest ever breakfast giveaway

HAVE YOU HEARD? There are over 100,000 Egg McMuffins to be given away on McDonald’s National Breakfast Day! I am so excited for this is my all time favourite muffin since primary school… Continue reading

Chinese New Year 2013 – Love the priceless bonding, how was yours?

I am no fan of the Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) but this year I kinda miss the pre-preparations of CNY. Work has been really hectic and I have been working late into… Continue reading

Before we go into details – My Little Taiwan Adventure

I was really skeptical about going Taiwan for many of my friends who are fans of Taiwan came back slightly disappointed with very very little shopping loots and their scenery pictures aren’t too… Continue reading

The Big Move – 2nd chance to make things right!

I’M EXCITED!!!! It’s official, we are in the midst of packing and selling our flat! That is why I have been packing, packing and more packing especially on week nights and over the… Continue reading

Thank U n Goodbye 2012, Helloooooo 2013.

Dearest friends of Modgam, thank you so much for the super awesome 2012. As we countdown to a new year, I would like to use this space to express my biggest thanks and… Continue reading

Have a very blessed Christmas everyone!

Christmas is my all time favorite festive, its the most wonderful season of the year, but this year I am not feeling the Christmas mood much. Nothing bad happen, infact I take it… Continue reading