now i know

I know having a bf, a huby or partner is important but I never knew why people tends to forget their friends once they are attached. Or for that matter, why people always feel… Continue reading

sad n happy all in 1

I promise you, my closest babes, that I will take good care and observed and not give up. I’m sorry if I made you worry. I was lost and I didn’t know what… Continue reading

mummy’s sweet 16th

Been thinking where to bring mummy for her birthday and started recalling what she likes to eat. Among many of her favourites are curry fish head and the king of fruits: Durians! Decided… Continue reading

feeling %@$*#(@*

I WANT I WANT I WANT: Holidayssssss Tons of clothingssssssssss Luxury bagssssssssss More MORE MOREEEE MONEYYYYYY Wii (why did I choose psp over this?!??!!!!) A pair of breakout tickets!   Ok, I’m just… Continue reading

羊 Goat Born in: 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

Personality Intelligent with a mind for business. (I think so too… hahahahaha) She has artistic inclination who tend to be pessimistic. (Artistic yes, pessimistic not really leh) Good natured and generous but can… Continue reading

Family Affair

Overwhelming get-togethers since Christmas Eve and I couldn’t be more thankful. As we bid 2008 goodbye, we can only hope 2009 will be as blessed and better. Had a small family affair on… Continue reading

thank you 2008, helloooo 2009

One of the best New Year Eve 31st Dec 2008! Steamboat feast of red snapper, tiger prawns, dumplings, wantons etc… party hats and favours, red wine, desserts, movie marathon… not forgetting my favourite… Continue reading

Jump – Korean Comic Martial Arts Musical

     The cast meeting fans for picture taking and autographing after their performance. To think I wanted to skip this show and go shopping instead when I was in Korea. I’m so glad… Continue reading

hearts Starbucks

I started out quite late collecting these bears and it only makes me wanting more. When I was in Europe, I didn’t even see any outlets selling them. Paris Starbucks is FRICKING GORGEOUS,… Continue reading

Hooked on Heads

Mama S showed me this blog introducing this place in Sin Ming with superb curry fish head and since we wanted to surprise Mr Hock for his upcoming birthday, we decided to try… Continue reading

Sex and The City… the movie

     After catching season 1 to 6, I HAD to, M-U-S-T watch this movie! It’s like the finale… and knowing Mr Big and Carrie tying the knot in this movie, lagi MUST… Continue reading