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My 2nd award – Kreativ Award!! Yey!

To all my fantastic bloggers and readers, I have gotten my second award here and its The Kreativ Blogger Award!!! Along with the sunshine award, I am now the Sunshine Kreativ Blogger! hahaaaa… Continue reading


I revamped my blog a month ago and I cannot believe I now have 100+ followers! I really want to thank everyone of you for liking and following my blog… This means a… Continue reading

I want these sunnies and glasses!

I have many pairs of sunglasses and I adore changing them and donning in different shades to match my different outfits. I am currently looking into investing in a good pair of aviators,… Continue reading

My 1st Thank You Giveaway – come join everyone!

I wanted to do a giveaway when I hit a certain number of followers and I was thinking if 30 or 50 would be possible cos despite blogging for a very long time,… Continue reading

King of Pop Art – Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal

  Andy Warhol isn’t all about the famous Marilyn Monroe portrait, he is a genius who isn’t afraid of being different. They don’t call him King of Pop Art for nothing! This exhibition… Continue reading

Obsessed with BaoBao bags from Issey Miyake

I fell in love with these gorgeous bags 2 years ago before it was popular in Singapore. I was amazed how playful and fun a bag can be!! I saw them while holidaying… Continue reading

DIY and painted… Hello Marilyn Monroe!

It all started when my close friend, Saman, bought her very own crib a few years ago… They are newly weds and are excited about decorating their love nest. They wanted retro feel… Continue reading

Thank you Su – Exotic Tattoos and Piercings

Missing Thursday already (hehe)… for I had a very good one. Run a few errands, went shopping, met up with some friends for tea and dinner and went for my tattoo touch-up. My… Continue reading

black isnt all boring

I call this the hairy situation thus with my furry top, I decided the perfect necklace would have to be razors! LOL Love at first sight ring… goes well with almost any outfit.

beautiful ice-creams from Haagen Dazs – Holland Village

Haagen Dazs – Holland Village 21 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village Singapore 277680 Tel: 64689474 Ice-cream to me screams HAPPY, YEY but never the word ‘beautiful’ till I’ve seen those from Haagen Dazs!! The… Continue reading