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Thank U n Goodbye 2012, Helloooooo 2013.

Dearest friends of Modgam, thank you so much for the super awesome 2012. As we countdown to a new year, I would like to use this space to express my biggest thanks and… Continue reading

Have a very blessed Christmas everyone!

Christmas is my all time favorite festive, its the most wonderful season of the year, but this year I am not feeling the Christmas mood much. Nothing bad happen, infact I take it… Continue reading

I’m Home and thankful – ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

Big thanks to Shiro of http://shiro51144.wordpress.com who brought a huge smile to my face while I was strolling the cold streets of Taipei! Thank you so much for nominating Modgam for Blog of… Continue reading

Why MODGAM and Who is she?

Everyone has been asking me why the name Modgam and so I have decided to do a short post on it. This is way way overdue and yes I’m guilty as charged. Why… Continue reading

A mini staycation and thankful thoughts

Sometimes I doubt myself and wonder if I am doing the right thing but I read something very meaningful on IFB and this is what it says “Take every small achievement of your… Continue reading


Originally posted on Modgam's Playground; Fashion, Food, FunFinds.:
This is my 2nd THANK YOU GIVEAWAY! I have met and made so many awesome friends here, if you are new here, WELCOME to…

Brushed with death and saved by my broken shoe!

I wasn’t on my phone neither was I not paying attention to the traffic. Green Man came and I checked that traffic was clear and started crossing the road with a bunch of… Continue reading

lets continue to support each other shall we?

These days I often feel time isn’t enough and how I am tempted to work into the late night till wee mornings where my ideas are most active. I have a full time… Continue reading


I revamped my blog a month ago and I cannot believe I now have 100+ followers! I really want to thank everyone of you for liking and following my blog… This means a… Continue reading