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Outfit of the day – Dripping Neons

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have a thing for dripping design. Hahaa I have done quite a few different dripping nail arts and even my iphone… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – the casual lazy skull day

It’s been a while since I last did an OFTD post. I am feeling lazy and decided to don on something casual and easy to match so I decided to skull myself and… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – random, raw and rugged

Was feeling lazy and wanted something simple that I can put on together with a pair of leggings and saw this tunic that I haven’t wore for some time. Torn n tattered holes,… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – rocker wanabe

There is something about skulls that I am attracted to. Not all skulls but the artsy ones and, I love studs, spikes and all the black mystery aura. BUT I failed at posing… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – its Monday, doncha mess with me! BangBang!

It’s Monday and I’m feeling the blues and blacks cos I am missing the weekend! So I decided to bring “the guns” out to warn people to stay away! Hahahaaaaaa and I wore… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Monster Inc

TGIF so I’m letting the monster out to play! wheeeeee Top: Japan Leggings: Topshop Bangles: H&M (Yellow and Pink), Bangkok (Black Spike), Lego (Grey White Black), Coach (Star) Ring: Nervous Shoes: Flying shoes… Continue reading

Outfit of the Day!

Yes, I am still headless for I find it hard to ‘face’ pose nicely with my outfit. I will continue to explore so pleaseeeee bear with my headless posing… for now. I bought… Continue reading

Thank you Su – Exotic Tattoos and Piercings

Missing Thursday already (hehe)… for I had a very good one. Run a few errands, went shopping, met up with some friends for tea and dinner and went for my tattoo touch-up. My… Continue reading

when the superstars met

I knew I have to get this the moment I laid my eyes on it. I was browsing Coach website to see what I can get for Bud for her birthday and saw… Continue reading