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1st Aid CANDY BOX?

To prepare myself for the Monday blues, I’ve prepared a 1st Aid CANDY Box! Filled with all my favorite snacks and candies, I am pretty confident my week is gona be candylicious happy!… Continue reading

I want these sunnies and glasses!

I have many pairs of sunglasses and I adore changing them and donning in different shades to match my different outfits. I am currently looking into investing in a good pair of aviators,… Continue reading

pimp your shoelace!

I can’t remember when was the last time I had conventional shoelace on. I always enjoy tying them differently and (sometimes) mixing them up in different colors and D was always teasing me… Continue reading

Japan sells tons of unique Starbucks collections (so far)

I am a HUGE Starbucks fan! I don’t remember when this love started and how it got there! HAHAAA I don’t know if its the frap drinks I am in love with or… Continue reading

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition – artscience museum mbs

I remember going to the cinema at least 5 times with different or same group of friends when Titanic was screening here in Singapore. I tear each time and felt the chill down… Continue reading

King of Pop Art – Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal

  Andy Warhol isn’t all about the famous Marilyn Monroe portrait, he is a genius who isn’t afraid of being different. They don’t call him King of Pop Art for nothing! This exhibition… Continue reading

Build your own lego ring

Absolutely fun and max cute! And all you need is just that little creativity and start building away… I forgot which online site I bought this from but I am googling and digging… Continue reading

DIY and painted… Hello Marilyn Monroe!

It all started when my close friend, Saman, bought her very own crib a few years ago… They are newly weds and are excited about decorating their love nest. They wanted retro feel… Continue reading

beautiful ice-creams from Haagen Dazs – Holland Village

Haagen Dazs – Holland Village 21 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village Singapore 277680 Tel: 64689474 Ice-cream to me screams HAPPY, YEY but never the word ‘beautiful’ till I’ve seen those from Haagen Dazs!! The… Continue reading

purple is the new black

Bleached twice (OUCH); from orange to blonde and then pink turns purple… all for the sake of the nice ash pink blonde its gona fade into after 1-2 weeks of washing. I just… Continue reading