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Outfit of the day – look ma, I have horns!

My calves are huge therefore I rarely expose them to the world but decided to give them a break and enjoy the rainy day freely. I love donning on quirky wear and having… Continue reading

Outfit of the Day – ASOS dresses

I finally have the chance to wear my awesome one of a kind necklace! I match it with my all time favorite fringe vest! Woots! Dress: ASOS Vest: Japan Watch: T watch Bangles:… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – half half!

Tunic: my all time favorite BKK street designer “Walk With Grandam” Watch: T watch Bangles: ArchetypeZ (black), BKK (neon pink) and Miu Miu (grey) Ring: Bulgari Bag: Issey Miyake BaoBao

Obsessed with BaoBao bags from Issey Miyake

I fell in love with these gorgeous bags 2 years ago before it was popular in Singapore. I was amazed how playful and fun a bag can be!! I saw them while holidaying… Continue reading

Thank you Su – Exotic Tattoos and Piercings

Missing Thursday already (hehe)… for I had a very good one. Run a few errands, went shopping, met up with some friends for tea and dinner and went for my tattoo touch-up. My… Continue reading

new look new feel

I am LOVING my new blog layout!!!!!! Are you feeling it too?? Will be blogging in black for its easier to read as my background is still kinda colorful (I spent hours and… Continue reading

Good things come in pairs or more

I have been eyeing this for a long time and since I finally had the chance to feel it, I couldn’t contain my excitement no more and bought 2 at one go; 1… Continue reading

I is for Issey Miyake

Can’t wait to get my hands on these babies! So far, I had my eyes on one red,  one yellow and one green but I guess I won’t know which color I want till… Continue reading