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nailart + outfit of the day

My favorite manicurist is away till next month and she wouldn’t be able to do my (birthday) nails for me. Was a little upset with the bad service given, long story short… luckily… Continue reading

Build your own lego ring

Absolutely fun and max cute! And all you need is just that little creativity and start building away… I forgot which online site I bought this from but I am googling and digging… Continue reading

u cannot take my sunshine away

I refuse to let the stormy weather ruin my brunch date and thus, I decided to be all sunshine. I put on my vintage Donald Duck tee and match it with everything colorful… Continue reading

JCDC Vs Lego Fashion Show

The creativity of fashion. JCDC teamed up with Lego to present the Spring/Summer 3001 fashion show. Very ingenious if you ask me; having Lego modeling his clothes. =]            … Continue reading