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Outfit of the day – rocker wanabe

There is something about skulls that I am attracted to. Not all skulls but the artsy ones and, I love studs, spikes and all the black mystery aura. BUT I failed at posing… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – World Music Mix

I didn’t realise I was dressed for World Music!!! I love world music especially the African Samba party kind and mixing it gets me really happy and grooving away the sleepy mornings.   … Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Celebrating Life with Colors

As you probably read, I escaped from death yesterday and I cannot express enough how thankful I am to be alive and still blogging away. Today I want to celebrate life with colors… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – polkadots

I love how my friend, Evan is always trying out new angles and giving me ideas on posing. Our outfit of the day shoots are always fun though short. Saturdays and Sundays are… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – my favorite lazy outfit

With the help of my sweetie colleague, I will now be able to practise and learn to pose more… I hope! ~crossed fingers and toes~       Top: Hong Kong Tunic: H&M Shoes:… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Neon

Many thanks to my very sweet colleague for helping me snap my outfit of the day. I hope I will soon be able to pose better with her being my photographer. =] Top:… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – I finally pose full!

I finally pose full along with my awkward face! LOL I tried doing the cool arty no smile model face but I failed terribly. Top: Korea Skirt: asymmetrical skirt from ASOS Leggings: Cotton… Continue reading

Outfit of the Day!

Yes, I am still headless for I find it hard to ‘face’ pose nicely with my outfit. I will continue to explore so pleaseeeee bear with my headless posing… for now. I bought… Continue reading

shoes that helps you workout; MBT!

A little info about MBT: MBT stands for “Masai Barefoot Technology,” and the shoes are designed to simulate walking in sand. It’s a multi-layered, curved sole that accomplishes this by creating a natural… Continue reading

Outfit of the day!

Please bear with me while I try to think of a good way to pose with my head attached. Meanwhile, today’s outfit is stripy with mesh on both sides of shoulder.    … Continue reading

nailart + outfit of the day

My favorite manicurist is away till next month and she wouldn’t be able to do my (birthday) nails for me. Was a little upset with the bad service given, long story short… luckily… Continue reading