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Thank you Su – Exotic Tattoos and Piercings

Missing Thursday already (hehe)… for I had a very good one. Run a few errands, went shopping, met up with some friends for tea and dinner and went for my tattoo touch-up. My… Continue reading

Lace + Floral = can be punk too

Lace is still very hot and since Korea’s popular girl group Miss A, are seen donning in their latest 2012 music video, there are talks that lace is gona be this year’s must… Continue reading

MBT love!

I’m finally shopping online again… but the damage done is really bad and mad, not as if it wasn’t like that before but this time is 3 times more. Money seems really small… Continue reading

the new obsession

I’m never the shoes kinda gal… I’m definitely the bags, clothing and accessories kinda gal but recently, I’m very very INTO shoes. Especially the funky atas, super ridiculous prices kind which I used… Continue reading