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Nailart – Superhero

I am attending omy.sg Singapore Blog Awards this coming Saturday!! The theme for this event is Superhero and so I decided to have them painted on my nails! I wanted to also get… Continue reading

Strawberry Toenails?

Simple, sweet and absolutely cute! My strawberry-like toenails with green leaf ribbons!

Nailart – G is for green, G is for Givenchy

It’s been a long time since I did a one color manicure. My manicurist won’t be back till end of this month so I decided to go simple for now and design again… Continue reading


The failed jeremy scotts bones shape-like (though I still very much like it), the half half, rockstar, minnie mouse and my soooo very xoxo cutie pinky! Hope these cuties can last till V-day!

all about dragons

Another new addition to my Starbucks Plushie Collection! I was soooo inspired by this Dragon plushie, I decided to have it on my nail! =D Inspired by the dragon scales. Hahaaaa I did… Continue reading


I wished my nails were slightly wider and bigger so that I can draw mountain, sea, sun and a whole fengshui picture on it! LOL I can only envy hubs’… Finally, the gorgeous… Continue reading

Dot those colors away…

feeling cutesy for the next nail art… thinking of 2 cutie characters. We’ll see! =]

Pill Inspired

Colors make me one helluva happy girl!


As you can tell, I love colors very much. Designing and donning colorful happy nails makes one very very happy indeed. I wanted dripping colors and no matter how I describe and explain… Continue reading

nail it!

I always love nail arts but I’m such a tomboy the paintings won’t last. LOL But still, it didn’t stop me from getting mine done. I love working with my manicurist; she paints,… Continue reading

C is for Chanel

D’s buddy at work, Tze Kiong, ordered Chanel biscuits and gave one to me. I came home surprised, seeing the gorgeous Chanel print biscuit. After keeping it for a day, I plucked the… Continue reading