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Luxewomen – No Sense of Direction

Sponsored Ad LuxeWomen – Award Winning Nail Salon 2 Outlets: Ang Mo Kio: 347 AMK 3 #01-2130 S560347 Tel: 6452 1210 Yishun: 418 Yishun Ave 11 #01-413 S760418 Tel: 6755 5539 Jaclyn calls… Continue reading

Twitter Account Back In Use – Tweet Me?

I’ve had my twitter account for ages but I have been very VERY lazy to update it. After attending my 1st omy event with Domino, only then I realise it is as convenient… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Neon

Many thanks to my very sweet colleague for helping me snap my outfit of the day. I hope I will soon be able to pose better with her being my photographer. =] Top:… Continue reading

Nailart – Best of Both Worlds

The gel nails and the paint didn’t go very well and the paint were “dripping” out! I had to redo them and I decided on neon for the summer and since I love… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Monster Inc

TGIF so I’m letting the monster out to play! wheeeeee Top: Japan Leggings: Topshop Bangles: H&M (Yellow and Pink), Bangkok (Black Spike), Lego (Grey White Black), Coach (Star) Ring: Nervous Shoes: Flying shoes… Continue reading

Nailarts – No Restriction

I call this no restrictions! I am sooooo happy my manicurist is back from her holiday! We had so much fun designing and drawing those nails today! I design this for my sweetie-pie… Continue reading

Strawberry Toenails?

Simple, sweet and absolutely cute! My strawberry-like toenails with green leaf ribbons!

Outfit of the day – tribal

Today is tribal queen day! LOL Forgive my lousy photographs for I am trying my best to self-take for my mirror is under “renovation”. I need to get a better, longer mirror and… Continue reading

Nailart – G is for green, G is for Givenchy

It’s been a long time since I did a one color manicure. My manicurist won’t be back till end of this month so I decided to go simple for now and design again… Continue reading

I am back with gifts!

Helloooooooo, I am back from the Land of Smiles!!!!! Took a nice cool shower and decided to do a quick post before I head to bed. I am officially thirty 3hree! LOL The… Continue reading

nailart + outfit of the day

My favorite manicurist is away till next month and she wouldn’t be able to do my (birthday) nails for me. Was a little upset with the bad service given, long story short… luckily… Continue reading