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mad shopping

The loss of sleep for weeks has finally taken a toll on my body. I have been feeling giddy and having headache for the past 2 days and finally decided to visit my… Continue reading

MBT love!

I’m finally shopping online again… but the damage done is really bad and mad, not as if it wasn’t like that before but this time is 3 times more. Money seems really small… Continue reading

eye candy

D wanted to get me this limited edition LONGCHAMP Galleries Lafayette bag for Xmas and though I really like the color and design, I declined. I’m not a fan of the Longchamps except… Continue reading

the new obsession

I’m never the shoes kinda gal… I’m definitely the bags, clothing and accessories kinda gal but recently, I’m very very INTO shoes. Especially the funky atas, super ridiculous prices kind which I used… Continue reading

thank you Reebonz

I missed my chance of getting that neon green or neon yellow Marc Jacobs bag and I regretted since! I finally had the chance to use my S$80 credit from Reebonz, THANK YOU!… Continue reading

Fendi or Otterbox?

I have been trying to find a unique iphone casing for a very LONG time now. In HKG and Japan, I was constantly searching for my casing but to no avail. Set eyes… Continue reading

Good things come in pairs or more

I have been eyeing this for a long time and since I finally had the chance to feel it, I couldn’t contain my excitement no more and bought 2 at one go; 1… Continue reading

fashion fades, style is eternal.

Was browsing magazines while helping ah bu at her stall and couldn’t help drooling at the things I saw/want. Chanel bracelets   Givency Rubber Sandals S$440   AND I saw a watch I… Continue reading

The more I can’t shop, the more I WANT to shop.

This is bad; I have to curb the addiction. Hello, my name is Magdalene and I’m a Shopaholic.   I shouldn’t have surf the net on my fashion readings… *slaps hand* I saw… Continue reading

pretty pls pls??

Dearest Santarinas Girlies,   I have been a pretty good kid this year despite those nonsense that makes my road a pretty bumpy one… the good news is, I’m still pretty much alive! =] I… Continue reading


I need to constantly keep myself occupied with happy thoughts… and so, I decided to go shopping shoeping on the pretext that its for Japan! I even am buying boots for my year… Continue reading