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New York INSTANT CELL-REBORN TREATMENT – redeem your exclusive trial now!

Sponsored Ad Seeing more skin problems as you age? As you approach your 30’s, your metabolism rate and skin renewal slows down significantly each year. As a result, your skin not only loses… Continue reading

KOSE new INFINITY XX series – my skin after 1 month

Sponsored Ad It’s been a month since I 1st started my INFINITY KOSÉ journey. I am happy with the improvement I see after using INFINITY KOSÉ for just 2 weeks! My skin feels… Continue reading

KOSE new INFINITY XX series – my skin after 2 weeks

Sponsored Ad Many including myself have the misconception about the word ‘Whitening’. A lot of my overseas readers were concern when they read about my blog posts on the beauty products I reviewed… Continue reading

Launch of KOSE new INFINITY XX series

Sponsored Ad Want natural glowing skin? Want firm and elastic skin? Want to look younger than actual age? Then you will HAVE to continue reading to see what I have to share with… Continue reading

Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask

Sponsored Ad What caught my attention when I receive this product is the sentence on the box ‘Instant Brightening With Intense Hydration’. I could use some intense hydration due to our humid weather.… Continue reading

Lovemore Masks from Taiwan – I’m Impressed

Sponsored Ad I won’t consider myself a beauty blogger (not yet) cos I am very lazy and I can’t really makeup for nuts. BUT since I have been getting more reviews, I have… Continue reading