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Outfit of the day – its Monday, doncha mess with me! BangBang!

It’s Monday and I’m feeling the blues and blacks cos I am missing the weekend! So I decided to bring “the guns” out to warn people to stay away! Hahahaaaaaa and I wore… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – polkadots

I love how my friend, Evan is always trying out new angles and giving me ideas on posing. Our outfit of the day shoots are always fun though short. Saturdays and Sundays are… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – my favorite lazy outfit

With the help of my sweetie colleague, I will now be able to practise and learn to pose more… I hope! ~crossed fingers and toes~       Top: Hong Kong Tunic: H&M Shoes:… Continue reading

beneath that facade – my shades collection

Before I start posing pictures of my very VERY messy and overflowing accessories of necklaces and bracelets, here is one post featuring my shades collection! Being an accessorista, I love changing my shades… Continue reading

I want these sunnies and glasses!

I have many pairs of sunglasses and I adore changing them and donning in different shades to match my different outfits. I am currently looking into investing in a good pair of aviators,… Continue reading